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The food is amazing, the chef is very approachable. The venue makes it all the difference, instead of super long tables where groups are separate. this is a more cozy environment where you are closer to other groups – i enjoyed the cross-pollination
of conversations and ideas. met a family from Brazil who makes granola and promotes healthy cuisine, and a couple who lived in Vietnam for 5 years.

Chenyu Z.

Eric is awesome! I loved his cooking point of view and could really appreciate the Filipino influences in his creative dishes. The chicken adobo hash with sous vide egg was my favorite thing from the meal. I can’t wait to go to one of his feastly dinners!

Jules F.

Chef Eric is a wonderful cook and host! He made an amazing vegetarian version of his delicious, flavor-rich filipino brunch. Every course was yummier than the previous and I was stuffed by the time the berrylicious dessert came around. All in all, very enjoyable experience and can’t wait to do it again!

Mia D.

Chef Eric and crew put together an amazing menu and experience. Whether you grew up on this type of cuisine or not, the way it’s prepared and presented will have you feeling like you’ve been eating it your whole life. It’s a new taste and comfort food at once. Personal favorite is the chicken adobo hash topped with a sous vide egg. Perfect blend of traditional flavors, modern cooking technique, and Chef Eric’s own personal touch. The goal of cooking is to make a dish that the diner never wants to stop eating, a meal that they never want to end. The flavors will make you not want to put the fork down; the offered second portions will make sure you don’t have to.

Maica R.